Web Design Clients

I came across this info-graphic and thought to do a quick post on it. This info-graphic is about the client-web designer relationship and how sometimes you might not see eye to eye.

This graphic gives you a little wisdom as to the different client scenarios you may run into and most importantly, how to protect yourself. Not every client will be a bad one, but when you are starting out doing freelance work there are some tips you might need to know. The biggest tip on the info-graphic is to require half of the money up front, create a deadline schedule and only release the finished product once you have received full payment. I’m sure seasoned pros already know this, but for someone starting out it is useful to get this information.

The info-graphic also include some statistics about web designers salary and benefits – there is some light at the end of the tunnel!

Click on the graphic to go the source and see it full size.


6 thoughts on “Web Design Clients

  1. Thank you!! I just went through this with a client. It was as if whoever did this chart heard our conversation verbatim–and they have. I know it’s common, but this info graphic makes me realize it’s just biz as usual. No wonder so many designers just give up freelancing and work for a regular paycheck so they don’t have to go through this again and again. Thanks again. I will reblog this essential info!

    • Thanks for your comment June! There is a definitely quite a bit of give-and-take in Client/Designer relationships and it is important to realize the obstacles that face us, and work together to create something both parties enjoy.

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